Ghost on the bridge

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The bridge is always full of surprises. I was walking over the willyb bridge and stop to take a photo and this is what i got. M.



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I found the designer version of the 80’s Hypercolour tees!! I’m gon get me one and make everyone else jealous! V.


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Earlier this week Mey, Alex and I dined in at Diner in Williamsburg. A very carefully planned venture into Brooklyn just to have the Goats Cheese Salad, which is a bed of water cress dressed with a light vinegarette and a big scoop of goats cheese and crunchy croutons. Mmmmm!!! It wasn’t quite as we’d been expecting though! It was a freaking mess of field greens and herbs and odd bits of grass! Crap! After our bitch session about the salad Du-Jour that let us down Mey took the liberty of loud mouthing to me “I’m never coming back here!”. Waiter John happened to be walking by and gave her a wry and winced look! We ended up with Manager Tom at our table at the end of our meal explaining that they are a seasonal restaurant and the salad is never consistent. Touche Tom! BUT!! That brought up the issue with the burger being too salty and the state of Alex’s limp fries! Tom did forfeit when he recognized a hot epicurean threesome and ended up comping our whole meal and guaranteed he would roll out the red carpet for us next time..

Nice to meet you Tom! And thanks Diner for an average but very free meal! V.

Gone Deaf

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Last night me and a few friends went to Maxwell’s a bar/grill in Hoboken to see The Foals perform. The opening act was The Ruby Suns a band from New Zealand. I’m not sure how to describe their sound, I guess I can say its easy listening. Lots of cool percussion and sounds. I like a few songs, well more like all of them. As the night went on, we all waited for The Foals to come on. they had been late, sound checking as they went. They were really good, besides the complaining of everything they were amazing. The drummer is fantastic and the two guitarists rocked it out, and in the back was the bassist ripping it up. Tucked in the corner you had the pianist. These boys knew how to rock out!! I must say they were a bit angry, well the lead singer was any way. All in all it was a good show!!! M.


The Ruby Suns-Tane Mahuta


The Foals-Cassius


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Mey and I found this poster on Bowery last night. Blurring the lines between Democracy and the Third Reich so effortlessly.. All with a black Bic lighter! V.


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On Tim’s birthday, me and Vance had some bathroom fun. No not like that!!! The urinal kept flushing on its own. It was because there was a sensor on the damn thing. So every time I passed it, the urinal would flush. To pass time while fucking around in the bathroom me and Vance had a mini photo shoot. M.