Earlier this week Mey, Alex and I dined in at Diner in Williamsburg. A very carefully planned venture into Brooklyn just to have the Goats Cheese Salad, which is a bed of water cress dressed with a light vinegarette and a big scoop of goats cheese and crunchy croutons. Mmmmm!!! It wasn’t quite as we’d been expecting though! It was a freaking mess of field greens and herbs and odd bits of grass! Crap! After our bitch session about the salad Du-Jour that let us down Mey took the liberty of loud mouthing to me “I’m never coming back here!”. Waiter John happened to be walking by and gave her a wry and winced look! We ended up with Manager Tom at our table at the end of our meal explaining that they are a seasonal restaurant and the salad is never consistent. Touche Tom! BUT!! That brought up the issue with the burger being too salty and the state of Alex’s limp fries! Tom did forfeit when he recognized a hot epicurean threesome and ended up comping our whole meal and guaranteed he would roll out the red carpet for us next time..

Nice to meet you Tom! And thanks Diner for an average but very free meal! V.


~ by randomnights on May 16, 2008.

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