More Music

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Music always seems to make me happy when I feel down. The words from these artists always find a way to my heart and lift up my spirits. Even the sad songs, I can relate to them but they don’t put me down. They bring me up…enjoy.



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Neimo-Johnny Five

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Here’s another video I’m in. It’s my friends band called Neimo! They’re really awesome!!! check out there music!!!  M.

This is America

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I got this post on my facebook from a friend. As I’m watching the video I got this nasty feeling in my stomach. These are the people that are fighting for America. Fighting a war that does not mean anything and to make fun of this culture. It frustrates to know that this is what people out in there do. It’s so FUCKED UP!!! I can’t say I don’t believe this is happening because it is. We have stupid American people out in Iraq doing nothing but be stupid and typical WHITE AMERICAN!!!!! M.

Mey In Times Square!

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After our business meeting yesterday, which was quite productive considering my cracked-out state, we were walking past the Target billboards on 42nd and 8th and bumped into a gigantic Mey peering down on everyone! She looks very cute tho, not the usual godly awe she strikes in people.. V.


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One day when I was walking to a friends place, I came upon these cool 2D boxes on the ground. They are in neon colors. These particular boxes are around the corner from Union Pool. (bar in Williamsburg) I then met the guy who makes them at a photo shoot this past weekend. His name is Aakash Nihalani and this is his site check it out. M.

Bathrooms at JFK

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A model-friend from DNA flew out to Greece today and was sending crazy vibes from the bathroom at JFK airport.. Dodgy!! V.